Horse polo

This is my goal in life… Learn to play horse polo, get super good and then find myself playing in a team with Prince Harry. Would be funny if that really did happen but that is just wishful thinking. This one is definitely a fun and challenging sport to try.

I tried a 2 hour introductory clinic at Windsor Polo. The first exercise was to learn how to hold the mallet and hit the ball back and forth to your partner. Felt a little like golf so it wasn’t too hard and we were standing still on the ground.
The next stage of learning was getting onto the wooden horse and hitting the ball from there. The stick is longer, the ball is further and it seems to be that much harder to aim when there is a horse in between your legs. A couple of loud bangs and clangs later make you cringe as you think about when the horse is real! Uh oh.

The final part of the lesson is getting on a horse and trying it out in the field with a couple of balls to hit. First thing you learn is how to hold the reins with one hand and guide the horse to where you want to go. Then you go for a bit of a trot so you can get used to riding with one hand while you hold the mallet with the other. The mallet definitely gets pretty heavy and you can’t drag it on the ground as the horse may trip over it!

The fun begins when you try to position yourself next to the ball and hit it while the horse walks. Timing is the tricky part.

Note: If you are an equestrian rider already, it doesn’t make it any easier. The only thing that makes it easier for you is that you know how to ride a horse. Everything else is an entirely a new skill.

All in all, it is a great sport to try out. You definitely get a full body work out with the horse riding and then upper body with the swinging of the mallet.

Where: Windsor Polo, Richmond
Cost: $100/hour semi private lesson

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Instant noodle heaven in Seoul, Korea

An aisle dedicated to instant noodles. Dream come true 😍. Find it in a supermarket near you (when you are in Korea that is…)!


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Sometimes it is hard to find an activity that works rain, hail or shine and is suitable for everyone. Introducing the fun and bouncy activity of trampolining. It is also a fun way to exercise and you will definitely get a work out jumping from one trampoline to another.

It has become a craze in Sydney with quite a few trampoline parks opening up all over the city. Sessions are generally sold in one hour slots which is definitely enough time! The one I have been going to is in Sydney Olympic Park which has a couple of different zones to practice your bouncing skills.

Open Air Trampoline
It is over 26 metres long with 33 connected trampolines. Run and jump around from one end to another. Bounce off the sides and try a couple of flips if you dare. Though be careful of the separators between the trampolines. They aren’t bouncy!
Dodge Ball Trampolines
Test your timing in this area with – total of 6 trampolines in which there are 3 on one side and 3 on the other facing each other. There are balls and the aim of the game is to hit the opponent on the other side. Much easier to throw and aim than avoid the ball in my opinion.

Foam Pit Trampoline
My favourite zone where you can safely practice all your flips and tumbles. This is good training for when you want to do them on the trampolines and land on your feet. Better to make sure that you land the right way up practicing over the foam pit and having some foam fun in the meantime as well.

Just be careful because if you don’t commit in your somersault you may end up diving head first into the pit. It is a nice soft landing but getting into the pit was the easy part, getting out is almost impossible without someone helping you out when you are wedged in the foam the wrong way up.


FX Zone
Uhrig Rd, Sydney Olympic Park
Monday to Friday 10am – 8pm
Saturday to Sunday 9am – 9pm
$17 per adult for a 60min session
$12 per child (under 5) for a 60min session

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Anti-Gravity Yoga

I am always on the lookout for different ways to keep fit because going to the gym and using machines bores me to tears. In the warmer months I like to do yoga on water but as winter comes it is too cold to be outside so I went searching for something indoors. Bring on anti-gravity yoga or aerial yoga! There aren’t too many places that do it but my first foray into it was at House of Yoga in Redfern and then Yoga Pavilion in Artarmon.

Doing yoga on the ground has always been too mainstream for me so I have started doing yoga in a hammock. Does sound very gimmicky however it is definitely challenging and much more effective because it forces you to do the exercises especially if you don’t want to fall out of the hammock. This is a great exercise for your abs and arms. Not the most zen form of yoga but it is a bit of fun and you get a work out too while hanging upside down.

Perfect for those who are looking to strengthen their core. You will feel the good pain for days. Have fun!




Yoga Pavilion
15 Elizabeth St, Artarmon, Sydney, Australia
If you have a group of 4 to 8 you can organise your own private lesson

House of Yoga
15/245 Chalmers St,
6:00pm to 7:30pm on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday

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Winter Festival

My favourite time in Sydney is the beginning of winter when Sydney puts up outdoor ice skating rinks at Bondi Beach, St Mary’s Cathedral and this year at Darling Harbour. Bring on winter!

You can head on down and hire some skates for a 45 minute session. If you aren’t a hotshot at ice skating there are some cute skate penguins to help you along. Not a skater? Then there is the winter village you can wander around including munchies, giant balloon slide, Lindt hot chocolate and gluhwein.

Ends on 13 July 2014


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Hyams Beach, Jervis Bay – One of my favourite beaches in NSW


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Khama Rhino Sanctuary, Botswana

Looking to get up close and personal with some rhinos? Well there are plenty at the Khama Rhino Sanctuary in Botswana. Some a little too close to comfort as you drive around in a safari truck.


With all safari drives you are usually doing it at the crack of dawn or as the afternoon sun isn’t heating up the ground and the animals come out from under the trees. Most start to make their way to the watering holes and you are usually privy to at least one animal sighting. As the rhino sanctuary obviously specialises in rhinos you are almost 100% guaranteed to see one. If it isn’t raining that is. Rain gives animals to drink their fill in a safer place than the main watering hole where all animals flock and there is increased competition and predators. Though, rhinos are pretty lucky that they have their horns to protect them and can do some damage.


See rhino in the distance?


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Tree Tops Adventure

I like to spend my sunny weekends experiencing nature and enjoying the outdoors. On a particularly sunny non windy day some friends and I embarked on a nice trip to Yarramundi to do a high ropes course.

First up you get suited up with your harness and go through a series of obstacles to get you used to the equipment. Then it is straight to the courses which range from easy (green) to hard (extreme black). Each level leads you higher up the tree canopy until you are 25m above the ground.

Experience overall is challenging and adrenalin filled especially if you are scared of heights. There are plenty of flying foxes that will have you zipping through one tree to another like Tarzan. Almost feels like the reward after taking leaps of faith from one obstacle to another. Perfect activity for those who love the outdoors, challenges, rock climbing and trees.

Website: Trees Adventure
Cost: $39 for 2 hours

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Color Run


For people who want to do a fun run but are too concerned about how far they will have to run then this is a good one to do. This is more fun than run as honestly you probably will want to dance the whole way and it isn’t timed so no point in running. Plus you don’t get as much colour on you if you run. And that is the whole point. To get as colourful as possible.


There are four colour stations on your run with people squirting coloured powder on you. Once you reach the end you should be rather colourful and hopefully have received your colour packet to throw up into the air. There is usually a dance party of sorts at the end where everyone throws their colour at the same time. Makes for an awesome effect.


It is around $50 depending on the company you do it through and this will get you a color run shirt, wristband, headband, colour powder packet and tattoo. Join up in a city near you.

Website :

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Flying for Fun

If you have always wanted to learn how to fly then there are plenty of places in Sydney to do so and most of them are at Bankstown Airport. There is always the goal of getting your pilots license if you want (min AUD$5000), but if not then why not try a first timer lesson to see if you like it and have it as an every now and then hobby.

I suggest having at least a 1 hour flying lesson otherwise you won’t really get a proper taste of flying. First up is a half hour theory lesson. If you are awesome at physics then this will be a breeze but if not your lesson may go a little bit longer just to make sure you sort of understand how all the instruments work.


After your lesson is the flying! Your instructor will take you to the plane you are flying. My plane was a Jabiru 160 which was tiny!!! Once you get inside you can get familiar with the controls and hopefully you can touch the rudder pedals because those actually help with turning left and right. I have short legs so I had to sort of lean back to reach. If not, then all good because your instructor can do the rudder work for you then. Then you get to take off by yourself… Freak out! Then it is learning how to turn and a quick run through by the instructor on how to get out of trouble in various situations like stalling and nosedives and shooting up into the air. It is like an awful rollercoaster. When your hour is up it is time to land and your instructor takes you back down. Learning how to land is usually a sixth lesson thing 🙂

Even if you don’t intend to get a pilots license the lesson itself is a great experience. You definitely come out of it with a huge respect for pilots and how the fly us safely from a to b all the time.

Company: Soar Aviation
Lesson: $149 for an hour fly + theory
Video: $20 on a USB

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